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Fuel Quality Assurance Through Preventative Maintenance

Fuel system pumps and injectors are most susceptible to contamination from water, micro-organisms, wax, asphaltines, dirt, sediment and rust.
Water, not only contaminates the fuel, it also provides a breeding ground for micro-organisms that feed on the fuel’s hydrocarbons.
The formation of wax crystals is the result of exposure to low temperatures while asphaltines are the result of exposure to high temperatures.
Dirt, sediment and rust are typical of poor maintenance practices.



We understand our customers concern to have a minimum impact on the flow of fuel while bringing the fuel tank back to good operational condition.



Aboveground tanks always have a need for maintenance. Particulates, Water and Bacteria are common to all tanks. Without a maintenance program it becomes a recipe for disaster.



While Fuels are our main game, our mobile filtration systems are powerful in filtering other fluids. There are a vast array of fluids that become contaminated. FCSI has been successful in helping our customers clean up many different fluids and keep systems running when a shutdown is not an option.



The need for clean fuel systems is even an issue underground. FCSi has the training and experience to provide services in underground environments.

Our Technicians Are MSHA Certified and trained to handle issues affecting fuel in the mining industry.